Monday, November 21, 2011

That Was a WEEKEND!

This weekend really kicked my ass, but it was all good! If I hadn't had a bout of insomnia Thurs/Fri, I probably would have been a little more functional, but hey life has to throw in a few obstacles to make things interesting, right? This is a long blog post, I'm on a roll!

My sister put together an amazing surprise party for our Mom's 65th birthday (her birthday was actually on Sunday but whatever). I spent the morning busting my ass in the kitchen making a vegan dish, my sister and I are both vegan. Unfortunately I made too much and have a shitload of leftovers. Everyone thinks OMG VEGAN GROSS NOT TOUCHING THAT! Well come on people, it's food with no meat, get the fuck over it. Anyway, my Mom's party was absolutely wonderful! Family and friends showed up, all but one of her 14 grandchildren were there, it was a full house. My brothers, sister and I each gave her a little champagne toast. That was hard, I froze because I didn't know how to say what I wanted to say....and damn it I was holding back tears! We all got our little blurbs out though and she was touched. We all pitched in to help her pay for her trip out east with my Aunt in the spring. It was really nice to have everyone together, Mom seemed  happy. I posted a few pics of the 5 of us. Not often we are all together. Good times. :)

Next on my agenda: UFC 139!! Matt (that guy I live with) and I rushed home to change so we could watch it at Boston Pizza after Mom's party. I HAD to wear my fucking awesome Dan Henderson shirt, considering he was part of the main event vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Hua. I posted pics below, I'm a bit of a pic whore. You will get used to it. :D We managed to make it in time to catch the preliminary bouts, not a whole lot of people there. Of course a couple of  younger guys showed up and sat at the table next to us, the quiet types. Well holy fucking shit, talk about an incredible card of fights, especially the last two!! I don't think I sat down and I barely touched my food!

When Wanderlei Silva smashed Cung Le I was already out of my seat and thought I might explode! I cheered so fucking loud! I didn't care, I was overjoyed to see him atop the cage roaring in victory again. He fought like the Axe Murderer of old and I relished every moment of that fight. Before the main event began, I asked the guys beside us "Hendo or Shogun?" Matt had gone to the washroom and hey, I was being a polite fellow MMA fan and they practically ignored me. "Hmm...well...Shogun will smash Hendo." One of them muttered.  I just smiled and unzipped my jacked revealing my Hendo shirt, from the back of course, then turned and smiled to see them looking at me like I was some sort of alien. "Oh come on guys, I'm just having fun!" I said smiling. They just laughed among themselves and said Hendo would lose. I politely disagreed and cheered like a maniac during Hendo's entrance. I suck at making friends. Then again I've had people laughing with my goofy antics.

I stood for the entire 5 breathless rounds of that fight, willing Hendo to finish Shogun, but those two crazy fuckers kept going!! I thought it was over in the 1st when it seemed Shogun didn't quite show up. Was I ever wrong. I cheered at the end of each round, not just for Hendo but for BOTH fighters. I was a bit of a running commentary too, I know that can be annoying but I'm quiet while doing that. ;) I was in awe of what I was seeing though, MMA in the raw. I was the loudest bitch in the place and I didn't give a shit, I was on my feet as if I were cageside. At the end it came down to the judges, a scary place to be at times. They aren't always very keen or in agreement in their scoring. They all went the way of Hendo, but I don't think anyone lost that fight. Us fans were definitely winners!! When he was announced the winner I cheered like hell and walked out to the bar and pointed to everyone and yelled. Oh yeah, I was nuts. The boys beside us were a little upset. I looked over and smiled. "What's the matter guys? Bitter?" I was being fun, not mean. They wryly smiled and laughed. One of them looked at me while he walked off and did the tough guy flex saying "I could beat up Hendo!!" I cracked up before I could tell him I could kick his scrawny punk ass. You know, I think they were a little miffed that a woman showed them up in knowledge and enthusiasm during an MMA war. Too bad they didn't get into the spirit of it all. Perhaps I can be too passionate. It was an amazing night though, I was so proud to be a MMA fan. I'm still reeling from that fight, still proud!

I was exhausted!! I ended up waking past noon, even then I was still tired! I rested up though as my Nephew Cody and his band Psycho Serenity had a spot opening for Die Mannequin, part of a battle of the bands sort of thing. I had never seen them play and wasn't going to miss my chance! It was at the Red Dog, if you live in Peterborough you probably know that is what it is. I had a great time! When they took the stage my sister, her boyfriend, Cody's girlfriend, my other Nephew, we all stood at the stage. I learned that death metal still makes me go deaf and that thrashing my hair gives me awful neck pain a day later. However, I was really fucking impressed!! Not only can they play (I already knew Cody could), they have a vocalist that doesn't just growl...he can SING! They went over really well, put on a great show! I'm so proud of Cody, that boy can play guitar and has zero stage fright. There is still a voting process for them to get to the next round, we didn't know about that. I'm going to put a link at the end of my blog so PLEASE vote for them. I might bake an apple crisp for you, or just do it because you like my blog, like me, or because I said so, JUST DO IT DAMN IT!! *smile*

Thank you for reading! I know it was a long winded entry but I fucking talk and talk. That's how I roll. Check out the pics and the link to vote for Psycho Serenity, and please, comment! Feedback is always welcomed. :)

Ciao Darlings!

I Love My Mom!
We're a nice family. (me on R)
Okay, we're a bit weird...I am anyway.

I have a blank spot.
Maybe this Haiku will fill
This lonely blank space.

The back! Hell ya!
Bitchin' Hendo shirt!
Psycho Serenity! My Nephew is the mess of hair on guitar.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Oh look, I'm blogging! A few years back I recall asking "what the fuck is a blog??" Now I read them daily and decided it's time to begin sharing one of my own. I figured the best way to start is to explain the epic name it's christened with.

I asked friends on Facebook and Twitter to help me name my blog, I was at a loss. Being an awesome and creative bunch, they did just that and this one fit perfectly. Thank you ELLA!

Vegan - Yes I'm a Vegan and proud of it. I don't push it on others, my choices are not what's best for everyone else. I chose this diet for health reasons and ethical concerns. PETA can kiss my ass, fucking murderers. When I say ethical, they never tie into it, believe me.
Nympho - If I have to explain this, you should not be reading this blog, so go back to doing your homework, kid.
MMA - Mixed Martial Arts: By Wikipedia definition "is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, including boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, and other styles." Think UFC. If you don't know what that is, get out from under your rock and Google it! I personally feel that Bruce Lee was a pioneer in MMA, but I will get into that another time. I love the sport and the MMA community and respect the hell out of the men & women who fight.
Maniac- I'm all kinds of crazy, a rather passionate person with an addictive personality. I suffer from Depression, it's no bowl of cherries but I get by with lots of medication and distractions that keep me from losing my shit completely. I love to laugh at stupid shit, I am so easily amused it's ridiculous. A raving lunatic? No. Maybe when I have a bad bout of insomnia and it's day 3.

So there you are, a little info about me and the rather obvious reasons for my blog title. I know it's self-explanatory but I wanted this to be my first blog post. I'm not the most intelligent person, I consult the dictionary frequently and my writing skills are rather basic, but I'm not doing this to impress anyone. I'm doing this for me to share with you because it's therapeutic.

 My links to Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, and YouTube are on the right, have at it! Please follow or subscribe to my blog if you would like to keep tabs on what I have to say, it might end up being entertaining!

Cheers Darlings!